Re-invigorating the 'maloomaat' concept via SMS

In light of the greater responsiveness of SMS in formulating public opinion in AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir - also referred to as P-A-K Pakistani-administered Kashmir or P-O-K Pakistani Occupied Kashmir), I've decided to put up my SMS interaction online (though I won't be mentioning names - to protect the public's privacy).

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If AJK decides to adopt it's own currency - in the interim while it establishes it's own central bank - which of the following currencies should it use?
Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan or British Pound?

Agar AJK apna sikha apnaaney ka faisla karta hay, to aboori tor par - jab tak hamaara markazi khazana nahee qa-im hota, in me se kis sikhey ko istimaal karna chahiye?
Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan ya British Pound?

Note: The amount of people polled will remain constant at 250 until further notice.


Swiss Franc - 1

Chinese Yuan - 7

British Pound - 5

none - 2

Other responses:

- I think ajk asea kre he nhe saktey ya khud kisi ka khana pr chaltay yaney pak ka kana pr

- Koei sika nehi istemaal krna chahye 1899 tk jo sika tha usey bahal kia jaex

- May be soudi currency is the best

- Pakistani Rs

- Rupaya theak ne

- No one – Kashmiri

- It is difficult in current situation if the hole state of jk becomes then think about our currency


- Zehnu ko mafloaj kiya hai zulam ki kali Andhi ne - Azadi ka deep jalane ghr se kon nikalta hai
Rait smndr Sehra prbat sb hi rasta Rokhain gy - Daikhna hai sath hmare kon kahan tk chalta hai,

- Asooli tor pr hmara sikka KASHMIRI DOLLAR hona chahiay mgr arzi to pr hmen hr muamlay ma china ki pervi krni chahiay, system smait.

- Pak Rupee till own sika

- Sir kaise hain ap' main ne to socha shayad ap bhool gay hn gay.laikan ap ne muje yad rakha shukria.kidar hain aur kaise hain plz tell me

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