Re-invigorating the 'maloomaat' concept via SMS

In light of the greater responsiveness of SMS in formulating public opinion in AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir - also referred to as P-A-K Pakistani-administered Kashmir or P-O-K Pakistani Occupied Kashmir), I've decided to put up my SMS interaction online (though I won't be mentioning names - to protect the public's privacy).

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Question: (sent to about 20 friends in the early hours of the morning whilst working, all of whom are well-versed in Urdu)

Kashmir soh rahaa hay - kya - ? - hum jaag rahey hay

Translation: - Is - Kashmir sleeping - ? - I'm awake


"Kashmir zamany sy soh rahaa  ha  eshee wajah sy kashmir ki ya haalet ha aghr kashmir jagh rahaa hota toh aaj saari duniya soh rehee hotee laken jaghtay woh hen joh apnay allah ko tlaash kr ry hotay hen"

"G kmr so raha hai Atiq aur Majeed ke reaya bhangda dal rahay hain"

"We were also sleeping."

"Kashmir kay sirf 1 percent activist jaag rahay hain. Yes 99 % soraha hain"

"Yes. You are."

"Mere baei, kashmir nehe, pura PAKISTAN so raha hai. Mere heyal mein. Its about time we did too. Jokes aside, we've been part of Pakistan before the "Partition" so why should'nt we be now? It's only because "Jinnah" had a dream but so did Malcam X. The difference is; Mr X made a change Jinnah did'nt. If Kashmir did become a indipendant State where will we get our daily bread or shalwar kameez from? China is it? By the way, is there a road coming from China to Kashmir? Can I get a Visa from the Chinees embassay with my British Passport (in PAKISTAN)? We need infrastucture before we talk about "INDIPENDENCE"

A couple of conversations:


- Ham soty aa rhy hain' kashmir to sadyon sy jag rha hai  hmary jagny ka mumtzir hai. 

- Gud ! aj ham 2 ho gy hain aik din ho ga pory kashmir main rahny waly logo ki bheer jag kr bil akhir 1 qoum ban jye  gi.tb kashmir ko azad hony se koi taqat rok na pye gi. 

- Tanveer bhai ap koi apni political party bnain ya phir pahly se mojod mukhlis party main shamil ho k amli tor pe kashmir cause k lye kam krain .

MR: (My Response) 
Me amli tor par hi kar rahaa hoo. Baees October ko Muzaffarabad me public forum karoonga.

- Yeh sb decide krwany k lye koi plateform b to ho na. jis se pakiz se baat ho 

Me Pakistan kabhi nahee jaoonga jab tak hamara baa-hami relationship waazey na ho. Shayed us ke baad bhi nahee!- 


Me Pakistan kabhi nahee jaoonga jab tak hamara baa-hami relationship waazey na ho. Shayed us ke baad bhi nahee!  

- Dnt be raceist,1 umma,1 brother   hood ,life too short,work 4 islam, 

I work for awareness, tolerance, conflict-resolution, the progress and prosperity of humanity. I simply can't afford anything else. I'd rather discuss the after-life when I get there. Besides, the Pakis r not a race. 

- Mbe u r going 2 create mre cnflct,being muslim u hav 2 practice islam b 4 u die, we r all frm adams race

Peace can never be established by ignorance. My relationship with Allah is my personal matter. I will never allow another human being to dictate matters of a public nature to me without him/her being accountable to public consensus.

- Islam is enlightentment,islam is 4 whole society & not just personal,allah dictates&not public opinion   :sharia: alah knows beter our needs,salam

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