Re-invigorating the 'maloomaat' concept via SMS

In light of the greater responsiveness of SMS in formulating public opinion in AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir - also referred to as P-A-K Pakistani-administered Kashmir or P-O-K Pakistani Occupied Kashmir), I've decided to put up my SMS interaction online (though I won't be mentioning names - to protect the public's privacy).

Please also refer to my blog post: 'Un-freezing public opinion in AJK' at:


Question: (sent to about 20 friends in the early hours of the morning whilst working, all of whom are well-versed in Urdu)

Kashmir soh rahaa hay - kya - ? - hum jaag rahey hay

Translation: - Is - Kashmir sleeping - ? - I'm awake


"Kashmir zamany sy soh rahaa  ha  eshee wajah sy kashmir ki ya haalet ha aghr kashmir jagh rahaa hota toh aaj saari duniya soh rehee hotee laken jaghtay woh hen joh apnay allah ko tlaash kr ry hotay hen"

"G kmr so raha hai Atiq aur Majeed ke reaya bhangda dal rahay hain"

"We were also sleeping."

"Kashmir kay sirf 1 percent activist jaag rahay hain. Yes 99 % soraha hain"

"Yes. You are."

"Mere baei, kashmir nehe, pura PAKISTAN so raha hai. Mere heyal mein. Its about time we did too. Jokes aside, we've been part of Pakistan before the "Partition" so why should'nt we be now? It's only because "Jinnah" had a dream but so did Malcam X. The difference is; Mr X made a change Jinnah did'nt. If Kashmir did become a indipendant State where will we get our daily bread or shalwar kameez from? China is it? By the way, is there a road coming from China to Kashmir? Can I get a Visa from the Chinees embassay with my British Passport (in PAKISTAN)? We need infrastucture before we talk about "INDIPENDENCE"

A couple of conversations:


- Ham soty aa rhy hain' kashmir to sadyon sy jag rha hai  hmary jagny ka mumtzir hai. 

- Gud ! aj ham 2 ho gy hain aik din ho ga pory kashmir main rahny waly logo ki bheer jag kr bil akhir 1 qoum ban jye  gi.tb kashmir ko azad hony se koi taqat rok na pye gi. 

- Tanveer bhai ap koi apni political party bnain ya phir pahly se mojod mukhlis party main shamil ho k amli tor pe kashmir cause k lye kam krain .

MR: (My Response) 
Me amli tor par hi kar rahaa hoo. Baees October ko Muzaffarabad me public forum karoonga.

- Yeh sb decide krwany k lye koi plateform b to ho na. jis se pakiz se baat ho 

Me Pakistan kabhi nahee jaoonga jab tak hamara baa-hami relationship waazey na ho. Shayed us ke baad bhi nahee!- 


Me Pakistan kabhi nahee jaoonga jab tak hamara baa-hami relationship waazey na ho. Shayed us ke baad bhi nahee!  

- Dnt be raceist,1 umma,1 brother   hood ,life too short,work 4 islam, 

I work for awareness, tolerance, conflict-resolution, the progress and prosperity of humanity. I simply can't afford anything else. I'd rather discuss the after-life when I get there. Besides, the Pakis r not a race. 

- Mbe u r going 2 create mre cnflct,being muslim u hav 2 practice islam b 4 u die, we r all frm adams race

Peace can never be established by ignorance. My relationship with Allah is my personal matter. I will never allow another human being to dictate matters of a public nature to me without him/her being accountable to public consensus.

- Islam is enlightentment,islam is 4 whole society & not just personal,allah dictates&not public opinion   :sharia: alah knows beter our needs,salam
Question (English):
Should Kashmir become a part of the Muslim World or become an economic, cultural and neutral political nerve centre between the Islamic, Chinese and Indian World(s)?

Question (Urdu):
Kya Kashmir ko Musalman Dunya ka hissa bana chahiye ya Islami, Chini aur Hindustaani Dunya ke darmiyan iqtasaadi, tehzeebi aur thalasi markaz banna chahiye?

In light of public opinion requesting that I send the same question in each language depending on receiver's aptitude, I've decided to do just that from this point on.

12 responded with Muslim World (Islami Dunya)

12 responded with economic, cultural and neutral political nerve centre between the Islamic, Chinese and Indian World(s)

1 responded with "Pakistan ka"

1 responded with "It z already a pt of mslm wld,indipendently 2nd optn shd b"

1 responded with "Chani dayna ke iqtasadi mandi."


"Kashmir ko aalmi dunia ka hisa bnana chahiye ? First we human then muslim."

"YES OFCOURSE IT WOULD BE – Neutral - Islam ki bonyad pe to azadi he nahi mil rhai aur na mil skti haƬ ."

"Kashmir ke azadi k bd is baat ka fasal krna ho gay"

"Bhai jan idr logon ko 2 waqt ka khana ni mil ra ap kashmr ki soch ray hain phly ya prblm to hal hun js ny insano ko dukhon ma laa khra kia ha."

"Kashmir should be a strog economic country with good realatios with pak india china these 3 countries r world big markets n also good realtions other islamib countries"



"Tan, to be honest with u, I think the people of Azad are more concerned about the welfare of their children alike rather than the politics. If u gave them the opportunity of working and having a livelyhood then the question of having an "Islamic state" would not crop up. Britan is one example where everyone has equal rights regardless of differing relegous belives. Hence, kashmire should have links with both India and Pakistan. Do u think pakistan will let go of Azad after building the Dungali Pol? Or even Mangla? God knows what the Indians have done on their side."

"Kashmir become part ofthe muslim world because kashmir is a 98./.muslim state and have a great history."

"Tamam k drmyan aman ka gehwara hona chahy"

"A Bird asked a Bee:
u work so hard, to get "honey" & people steal that from you. 
don't you feel sad? 
Bee repliedNo, b'coz they can never steal my art of making "honey"
Be like little "Bee" .. small in size but big by heart."

"Watan ki mitti k sary gohar...Utha k dushman ko deny walo,Tumhari janon ko ro rahy hain, Watan ki mitti k sary zar,ry. FROM: JKNSF"


"Khudmuktar kashmir hi islami dunia k sath mahshe aur mahsharti talhqat ko farog dy skta ha"

"Chini muslm or hindustaani muslm k sath rahna chahiye"

"China ,hind, pak ,afghan nepal k drmyan aik khud mukhtar secular state hona chahiy. jis k in sb prosi mumalik se friendly relation ship hon."

"Mere heyal mein Kashmir aur PAKISTAN dono ku na sirf Islami balke ek esa moulk hona jayeh jahan Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western influence ho. Culture and its values should remain. I'm scared of enclosed places because room for manuver is limited."


Messages Sent/Received

"1 dost ko CMH Muzaffarabad me Army Ne mara he."

Sent: (to Ansar Yaqub and A R Azad. Both work with the Chief Secretary Shehzad Arbab)
I will be sending the Chief Secretary a request via email (today) to attend a public forum in Muzaffarabad on Sat. 22nd Oct. between 11am-2pm...pls take note

Should the State 'subject' rule b restored in Gilgit Baltistan and converted to a State 'Citizen' Rule (applicable to AJK too) Yes? No? DkN?

250 polled
29 responded with Yes
4 responded with DkN (Don't Know)
1 responded with No

Received this message from a correspondent working for a British newspaper:

"Pls take me off this mailing list."
I say:
- It's little wonder that British Media has barely (if) ever encroached upon the subject of AJK.


"SSRules have been held in defacto abbeyance in GB. Its restoration will protect economic rights of indigenous population. But who will do it? Sham provincial govt? Islamabad?"
My Response (MR):
The public through a technocratic mechanism that it has to create, mould & recognise in a consultative manner.

"very defficult in gilgit due to current setuation, but should be try in a AJK."

"Gb walu ko ajk may state subject man lay to gb may yes"

"hum ap ki es kosassh ko sarahty hain?bht acha kam kr rhy hy ap?"

"Jis kashmir ko khone say saincha woh kashmir HUMARA hai"

Also, messages sent to two members of Chief Secretary AJK's Office:

I will be sending the Chief Secretary a request via email (today) to attend a public forum in Muzaffarabad on Sat. 22nd Oct. between 11am-2pm...pls take note


Pakistan is holding AJK's economy hostage. True? False? DkN?

250 polled

32 responded with True

4 responded with False

2 responded with DkN (Don't Know) 

A conversation:

- "True but AJK has no ecnmy"
MR (My Response): A team of 12 technocrats will research & identify economic opportunity. 
- "Allaha kry asa ho"
MR: Karna 'hum' ne hay...Allah ki meherbani se
- "God bless u my all prayer are with u"


"Ajk economy ha e kdr bari building bnanay se economy ni hoti."

"Only economy?" 
MR: All else too...indeed

Other Quotes:

"Janab log merit ki bat kerty hein. 5 din pahly idar hamary han court main 6 logon ki apointment hoi hein jin main sb k sb log h/c k chief justice ore judge ore wahan k registar k realative thy jis ki person jamu newspaper main khaber bi lage the. Jo bar k sadr nain lagae the. Pher kal siast main kal ik khaber lage the k jo Add chapa ha un posts per log 6 salon sy ten salon sy lagy hein. Only formality poori kerni ha uni logon ko paka kerna ha. Yay zulm ha janab"

Received from a politician in GB:
"thank u bhai jan"

Received from a lawyer in Kotli:
"I often remain busy but i regard everyone sepecialy u thanx"


"Dunya ap ko Us Waqt Tk Ni Hara Skti Jb Tk ap Khud Se Na Har Jao.Agr Sb Kuch Kho Kr B Kuch Krne Ki Himat Baqi Hy To Smjho Kuch Ni Khoya."




Gilgit - Baltistan - Ladakh to engage with China on their own terms. Should? Of course? In consultation with AJK, the Valley and Jamwaals? NO?

250 polled

7 responded with a NO

6 responded with "In consultation with AJK, the Valley and Jamwaals"

1 responded with "With Ajk cnsltation and conciously their own free will."

1 responded with "In current situation wth AJK"

1 responded with "Yes, they should, for the futer of their country/s."


"They should nt b wth china.but shud b wth kashmir." 

"M A Jinnah kashmir policy was in accordance with legal and historical status OF JK"

"No any distrebution acc.only indipendint kasmir completly."

"No - There should be a unite , independnt and prosperious STATE JAMMU & KASHMIR, we want to restore the geographical position of J&K of 1947 and 1846."

"No china is in same page with pakistan at gb issue. China is not ready to involve in gb directly"

Other Quotes:

"People in AJK are now allowed to drink  600 cu from their own waters ! Thank you PM Gilani for making this landmark announcement in M'abad."

"Kashmir is now synanmous with water, not with humans !"

Remembering the Earthquake on this day in 2005:
"Lout Aaye Hain Nigaahon Me Purane Chehray !..."..."..."...! Phir GuZre Waqt Ki Zanjeer Hila Di Kisi Ne...! Remember the martyed of 8th oct in prayers. May their soul rest in peace AAMEEN. Khursheed abbasi .x. candidate for legislative assembly (a.k) plz forward..."

India & Pakistan have agreed 2 convert the LOC into an international border. True? False? Agree? Disagree?

250 polled

13 responded with True and Disagree

8 responded with False and Disagree

13 simply Disagree

1 responded with False

1 responded with True

1 responded with It's possible

2 responded with Don't know and Disagree

1 responded with False and that India agrees (on international border) while Pakistan disagrees

Other responses:

"Both r discussing"

"No way"

"May be pakistan will aree to change loc into border but it is not possible for india because of it constitutional states - In my openion its impossible for india , if india accept this option . India will face new freedom issue in other consitutional states. India is not ready to compromise at gb specialy kkh"
My Response:
India has publicly declared this to be their preferred method of resolution for many years

"Basiclly loc is not right term' SFL (sease fire line) is the correct term .is am i right sir ?"  
My Response:
I call it a 'bloody line' - khooni lakeer.

"Can't answer 1st part as i don't have any such information. But we will not only reject but resist strongly any such move." 
My Response:
Great! I hope ur party (..............) can publicly clarify your stance in due course. My sources say it's a 'done deal'.

"This is not new both were agreed when india & pak signed shimla agrement. Yes"

"Donoo mulkoo ki m** ki c***** @ YEY WAQT@? BHI @ GUZAR @JIA GA?@"

"its depand on maqboza kashmiri opionion"


"Jungal k Janwaron ne Socha k Hum me b Kisi ko DOCTOR hona chahiye.
Mashwra karne k bad Bandar Ko Studies k Liye bheja gaya.
Jb Wo wapis Aya to Loomri Bimar ho Gai.
Bandar ko Bulaya k Elaaj karo.
Wo Aya Or Darakhton ki 1 Shaakh se Dosri Pr Chalang Lagane Laga.
3, 4 Chakkar Lagaye, Tab tak Loomri Mar Gai.
Sb Ne kaha k Mareeza to Mar Gai.
Bhag Dor to Maine Bohat ki
Pr ALLAH ko Yehi Manzor tha.
~~Dedicated To~~ 
Think ab0ut it."

"Awaam k pas asay leader kon se jo bad ma awam ko defnd krain gay awam to hr waqat tyr ha koi ik bnda bta dain jo is system se khush ha. Ik bt or awam kis k khlaf ut khari ho awam k pas target kia hona chyia?" 
My Response:
- Wo kisi aik public idaarey se shuru karey...jis ki jitni awaami zimidaari ho, ussi miqdar me us ka hisaab ho.
Should Kashmiris consider M A Jinnah as their undisputed iconic leader?

250 polled

16 responded with a No

6 responded with a Yes

1 responded with "To some extent."


"ma jinnah is leader of Pakistan."

"M.A Jinnah was not the leadr of kashmiris."

"- Never,  we have own leadrer's like ? Sheikh abdulah ,chaudri gulam abbas, k.h. Khurshed , sardar abdul qayum khan. - Kashmiri has yet to decide their own fate - "Qaid e Azam Or Kashmir" . 11 July 1947 ky moqay py Qaid-e-Azam ny apna Policy beyan jri krty huwy Khud Muktar Kashmir ko Kashmirio ka Haq taslem krty hwy frmya The second question that is engaging the attention of the Muslim of Kashmir is whether Kashmir is going to join the constituent Assambly of Hindustan or the Constituent Assambly of Pakistan. I have already mad it clear more than once that India States are free to join either the Pakistan Constituent Assambly or the Hindustan constituent Assambly or remain independent Reference:- (13 July 1947- Pakistan Times) LOVE KASHMIR"

"Why? Jinnah neither had control over the course of events of 47 in Kashmir nor had he the vision and understanding as to the imperialist policy of buffer zone that gave birth to the dispute. He was confused."

"yet Never - Kashmiris consider Shaikh M Abdullah as our undisputed iconic leader?"

"Kashmir has yet to decide their own fate"

"Let them decide their own first"



Is AJK development possible in the current constitutional set-up?

250 polled

17 responded with a No

7 responded with a Not Possible

4 responded with a Yes

1 responded with a Maybe

1 responded with 'It's difficult'


"Process does not uphold constitution whilst people are not conscious."

"Current situation can't develop any field of life,bcz we r cnsidered just paracites."

"If there is will there is a way. Seems hard."

"Ay PAKISTAN k bhoky nangy logo aur bhakari Qaom k bhakari leadro tm pr  lakh lanat k tm hmari bijli chori kr k use krty ho aur humain mehngy  damu ghatia aur low power wali bijli daity ho kia apni sheh rag k sath  ye salook kia jata hai?
Tm apny Shehryu ka difa ni kr sakty ho hmain kia azad krwao gay?? Apni  aurat ko to tm ny khud nanga kia hai hmari behnu k sar k aanchal ki  rakhwali kia khak kro gay?? WE NEED INDEPENDENT KASHMIR NOT A STATE UNDER PK OR INDIA."
Should DC MUZAFFARABAD be held accountable if he's proven to have acted dishonestly? Reply with 1 for no & 2 for yes

200 polled

17 responded with a Yes

1 responded with a No

An interesting message from an old friend:

"App k tumam sms milty han dear sir , laken humary mobile k hallat aksar  khrab hoty han , app in hallat ko ache tara samjty han ..apne jadojod  jaree rakhn .. Fata haq  or sach ke ho gee ..."
I decided to write the following just in case I got on the wrong end of public opinion:

If u do not wish 2 b pestered by my regular txts, pls just write NOT in reply. Agar aap mazeed mujh se txt msg nahi lena chahtey to sirf NOT jawaab me likhey.

10 people responded with a NOT

They included:
2 professors/teachers
3 politicians (including one nationalist!)
3 activists/NGO related
2 govt. servants

I also sent out the following circular to those who've responded to my polls thus far.

"Thanks for participating in a opinion poll on AJK"

Kya AJK ke kisi siasatdaan ka ye kehna ke AJK ki saari awaam PK ki difaa ke liye tyaar hay? Drust? Ghalt? Ye AJK ki rai aama nahee?
(English Translation): 
Would a statement by any AJK politician saying that all the public of AJK is ready for PK's defence be considered, Correct? Incorrect? or Not a reflection of AJK public opinion?

250 polled

8 replied with Drust (Correct)

10 replied with Ghalt (Incorrect)

A couple of quotes:

"Hum hamdardi kar saktey hay - us se ziyada kuch nahee."

"AJK ki awaam ne PK ke difaa ka tekaa nahee liya huwaa."

4 replied with 'not reflection of public opinion'

1 quote:

"Jo Govt. kehti hay wo karti nahee"

A couple more general quotes:

"We live in interesting times...Those of us with the biggest heart will emerge victorious from this war of attrition."

"Zulam Or Buraai K Khilaaf Jitni Dair Se Utho Gay, Utni He Ziyada Qurbani Deni Pry Gi".Imam Hussain A.S."
India & Pakistan should withdraw their armed forces/agencies from  Gilgit, Muzaffarabad & Srinagar forthwith as a CS initiative. Do u agree? Yes - No - DkN

150 polled

26 replied with a Yes

1 replied with a No

Quote from respondent:
"Pakistan committed in UN as well as it's own constitution."

In reply to a query that if PK leaves AJK, India will enter - I replied:
"Unko Srinagar se nikal ne aik yahee raasta hay. Civil Society India aur Pakistan ki, bhi is ko support karey gi"

Preparing 2 assess scope of transparency & freedom of expression n AJK's bye-election 2day. Doubles as a people vs. establishment tussle acc. 2 public opinion.

150 sent

1 response:

"N league,s candidate should have to win."

My commentary on the day:

Haven't been allowed 2 proceed beyond Kohalla despite words with DC. "Orders from above". I'm a Civil Society Activist unable 2 monitor a democratic process!

DC Sahaab..I hope u digest this msg. with the seriousness it deserves. U r well aware that I'm a civil society activist working 4 the progress of AJK. If u obstruct me from entering the city 2 observe the democratic exercise, I will possess grounds 2 describe the election malafide..there will b implications 4 Pakistan's presence here vis a vis the international community...TANVEER AHMED Civil Society Forum - AJK

"Thank u for ur work"
(An advocate in Muzaffarabad)

"Kesi kah dun k mujhy chod dya ha seb ne, baat to sach ha mgr baat ha ruswai ki." 
Usman Atiq
(Sent to me by an activist in Bagh)
Statement and Question:
Just completed 2nd phase of my 'Citizenship Walk along the LOC'. Plenty of intimidation but no repetition of previous drama by PK army & agencies. Evolution?

100 sent

7 responses (in quotes):

"Yes , evolution has begun."

"Great, we appriate u and endrse u r cause which is basicly the cause of whole nation."

"May be"

"Good i also with you."

"Weldn kamryd"

"Gud jnb jari rakhen"

My response to a skeptical question in reference to AJK:
"It seems AJK is looking for fresh political thought, not replicas of old broken records."
On my way from Kotli - Baghsar to resume my 'Citizenship Walk along the LOC' suspended by the PK Army & it's agencies on 24/08/11...F. info @

50 sent

1 reply:

"Wish you good luck"

Agar AJK ke shehriyon ko rozgar, insaf aur tahaffuz ki guarantee chahiye to (1 for YES) aur (2 for NO) me jawaab de. Shukriya...
Translation (English):
If the citizens of AJK want a guarantee of economic opportunity, justice and security then answer with (1 for Yes) and (2 for No). Thanks...

5 polled

3 responded with a Yes
Dunya me aisey masail bhi hay jo India aur Pakistan ke ittefaq ke baghair bhi hal ho saktey hay?
Translation (English):
Are there issues in the world that can be solved without agreement between India and Pakistan?

5 polled

4 responded with a Yes


"jaisey masla-e-Kashmir"
Message received:

"Abhi tak paaun sy chimti hain zanjeeren ghulami ki
Din a jata hai Aazadi ka, Aazadi nahi ati..
!"14 augST no india no pakistan we want free kashmir."